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This year IX International Jazz Dance Festival SwingFest-2011 will be in two different formats: dance camp Swingfest-2011 Camp (lindy hop, boogie woogie, balboa, authentic jass 26-29, May) and joint festival project Swingfest-Compass Exchange (Tap, blues, authentic jazz, 10-13, June)

Welcome to SwingFest-2011 Camp!

26-29 May 2011
Saint-petersburg, Russia
IX International Festival Swingfest-2011
invites friends to a New location near Saint-Petersburg!

New place! Excellent sanatorium on the shore of a beautiful lake! More comfort, more partying, more SwingFestable!
This time we are to set off in an unforgettable journey in a time machine invented by a pretty nutty but sober professor (we saw the sertificate)!
From past to present, from present to unimaginable we will be guarded by time keepers, most competent specialists from the Secret time lab. To avoid unnecessary attention from the authorities we invited them as a team of best swing dance teachers (wow! isn't that cute?)

Here are these mysterious personas:
    Steven Mitchell, authentic jazz (USA)
    Dax Hock and Sarah Breck, lindy hop (USA)
    Evita Arce and Michael Jagger, lindy hop (USA)
    Lennart Westerlund, lindy hop (Sweden)
    Fedor Nedotko and Violetta Lebedeva, lindy hop (Russia)
    Marcus Koch and Barbl Kaufer, boogie woogie (Germany)
    Pavel Sotnikov and Darya Chupyrkina, boogie woogie (Russia)
    Bernard Cavasa and Susana Bernal Sanchez, balboa (France)
    Maria Krokhina and Alexey Gudovich, balboa (Russia)

"SwingFest-2011 Camp" is:

    more than 90 classes of lindy, balboa, boogie woogie and authentic jazz! 4-5 dance parties (and, yes!, a pre-party on the Neva!)
    Team Battle (new format!)
    Blues night (with anti-blues party!)
    Making a new video with all the participants!
    SUPER CONCERT FEATURING STEVEN MITCHELL and live music from SwingFest All Stars (feat. famous masters: Uncle Aubergine' with Jimmy and Ilya Lushtak's "American Classic Band")
    Five summer nights, five white nights, new and old friends and, of course, JAZZ!!!